The Framework Hopper.

Diaries of a Framework Hopper - Part 2

Disclaimer: Dear reader, don't expect to find a high amount of "high-tech" terms discussed
in this blog, as in the entire site, I'm a self-taught developer not a computer scientist
so go easy on me.

Wait… Don’t tell me!?

It seemed like for me it was the end with frameworks, django seemed so good and everything but I was missing two things, the deployment thing with django (I know at this point you might be saying, hey deployment is a breeze, but keep in mind I was still a noob back then) and another is that I was looking to get more reactivity within the framework, wanted to have more dynamic things on the websites that I built and I could only get that with AJAX/JQuery, but I’m a very persistent person and I never backdown out of anything so easily, so I kept on going and I needed try other frameworks, it was a must.

It was at this moment where I think I started to turn into a Framework Hopper, don’t worry if you don’t like reading this much, I will try to be short on this one. I started looking into other Web Frameworks, more specifically I looked into how to do dynamic stuff in the web app / websites I wanted to build, e.g. I wanted to have real-time things, like notifications, more reactivity, etc., etc. So I kept on going with my quest to find my dream framework, my true and ultimate reliable framework that I could finally use for good and live happily ever after, well the thing is that after this, I started looking into javascript frameworks, because of course, that’s what I was looking, so I went on with it… (You know when movies put things like 3 years later, or later that month, or things like that? well I will try to do this here now, for sake of the reader, since I’m not going to put in detail what I did and what I didn’t do, don’t worry I get you) … so in period of weeks I jumped between frameworks like, MeteorJS, Sails.js, Ember.js, I mean you name it! I literally tried up to the exhaustion.

So when I finished with all of those I kept on looking for features that could fit my needs, either datastore-wise or other things I was always looking into the frameworks, so, I just was at this point of being like in the limbo, I had cool personal projects I wanted to develop but either when I was using a framework I needed another feature from another framework, or vice-versa, it was crazy… I couldn’t be happy.

Suddenly… A Framework That Could Change Everything?

At this point I was kinda of experienced with frameworks already, given the fact I tried many of them already I knew basically all the things around the MVC architectural pattern, knew virtually how all of the frameworks that I tried worked,every single template engine they used, I mean I was getting next to be a Framework Evangelist, nah, I’m kidding, but at this point I knew fairily enough about them to stay on float.

Suddenly, I found Angular, it was amazing, I started doing my routine, because at that point it was like a routine, look up video tutorials online, written articles, blog posts, Thanks to my friend Javier I was able to get access to a really nice online course and I could get my feet wet with that framework, started doing the course at the point of like a couple videos where I started to… Not get the information my brain was supposed to register… It could have been because of the overwhelming amount of information that I plugged into it while learning all the previous frameworks, but I just couldn’t register the things that the instructor was explaining, and I mean I couldn’t! it was if the instructor was speaking gibberish to me, he was using all kinds of, what I call, high-end terms and topics, that I couldn’t just continue with Angular, it was just too much for me, so I needed to step back a bit.

Because Angular seemed so unreachable for me, it turned out to be my arch-nemesis, and like I said before, I’m a guy that I like to challenge myself, but that was just brutal, I mean Dependency Injection? Services? What the Fudge!? As a self-taught developer I needed to learn these things if even wanted to continue any further with Angular, so I let it in my TODO list.

And Then..?

I found out about Laravel… Yes I know, I know! another one - but hey! it was in a different realm, Laravel is PHP and well to be honest, I tried PHP in the past and I really liked it, so why not, I changed gears and went for it, but you remember back then when I said that I wanted things to be done more dynamically and such? well turns out that the Laravel community adopted a new front-end framework that worked out-of-the-box, literally plug-n-play, VueJs, when I saw this, and some youtube video about it showing real-time capabilities and I was amazed with it, and not only that, Laravel itself was incredible! I mean you could have a complete authentication system working just by typing in the terminal:

$ php artisan make:auth

That’s it!, that’s it! no more baloney, no more high-end topics, no more… difficult things, Laravel was my ultimate dream framework, and you know what? I stayed with it! ‘til now I’m actually using it because I really love it. So I started doing all my personal projects that were on hold and one of them was to do a clone of AskFm / Sarahah, and I did the prototype in what, like 48 hours? yeah, something that was impossible for me in other frameworks it was so smooth in Laravel, basically that’s it, this is where I’m at right now.

Closing Words.

I would like to thank you the reader, and I appreciate your time into reading this, I know this is not entirely a pure informational blog, or I won’t probably post here that often, but I do thank you for taking your time into reading this, it means you really liked it and if you didn’t, you can also comment down below and leave your constructive criticism.

Enjoy your day, night, evening!

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