The Framework Hopper.

Diaries of a Framework Hopper - Part 1

Disclaimer: Dear reader, don't expect to find a high amount of "high-tech" terms discussed
in this blog, as in the entire site, I'm a self-taught developer not a computer scientist
so go easy on me.

Who I was before getting into Frameworks…?

…Hmm, a complete and total noob towards that topic, I didn’t even knew what were frameworks in the complete sense of the term… So I jumped right into Web Frameworks… I remember the very first Framework was Ruby on Rails and I really liked it!

Well, I knew way back that the MVC architectural pattern was around, but didn’t really paid too much attention to it, until I decided to just go with it and see how it went, since I was a neophyte in the topic and also a self-taught developer, I was really afraid of the terms and things it
may throw at me, but despite the fact of my fears, I continued looking into the MVC pattern even more.

My first ever Web Framework.

Like I mentioned above, I jumped right into RoR because it seemed easy to me. Well, it was all good and I started doing small projects… now I’m somewhat an impatient person, and I get sometimes desperate if I want someting done
someway and it can’t be done… So when I kept on going with RoR I saw it was turning to be very tedious to work with, and to develop, why? because, I don’t have a “Dream Rig“ and I needed to wait like 30 seconds before the
server started it was crazy! … OH but wait, there’s more! … after the server loaded I had to wait like 10-20 seconds more until just the hello world example appeared in my browser… so this is where things started to roll back down for me, I started to lose interest in the framework and decided to
try something new.

A New Hope.

Yeah, pun intended 🤙 - Anyways, after my newly developed passion with RoR decreased to zero in like a week after using it, I started looking for different alternatives, something that could be fast on my not-so-good-semi-gaming-slash-media-computer, that’s where I kept looking and looking and came across with Django
When I saw the framework and btw made in Python! I couldn’t hold my amazement, it was shining brightly before my eyes, lighting the new hope again for a web framework where I could finally rely on! So what did I do? I guess what anyone would do I quickly stared watching new video tutorials on youtube related to Django,
started getting known with the framework, etc., etc.

I even finished that series of video tutorials, the whole thing went cool, I later started even working with CBV in Django that is Class-Based-Views which is just another way of doing stuff in your views via classes, instead of plain functions, after all of this, I made a little project based on that one we built, which basically what it was, is like an online lyrics website, where you could have albums, artists, lyrics of course, etc., etc.,
So the thing it was when I finished that project, I remember deciding to publish it or host it somewhere, and then… there was the deployment phase, another thing that hit me, what was deployment? how could I do it? also any legals implications for publishing a lyrics website? long-story short, yes you need to have some kind of agency that “licenses” your website in order to have lyrics running on your website because all those lyrics are also copyrighted and a bunch of things that made lose hopes in Django, another cool project I did was a Youtube Video Downloader

(yes I know, yet another one) but of course this was for sake of developing and improving myself with the framework, also don’t mind the We're Hiring navigation tab xD

Wait… Don’t tell me!?

To Be Continued...

  1. 1. Who I was before getting into Frameworks…?
  2. 2. My first ever Web Framework.
  3. 3. A New Hope.
  4. 4. Wait… Don’t tell me!?